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11284 Westminster Ave
Garden Grove, CA 92843, USA

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1/2 Off First Month's Rent
Drive Ups excluded

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Our Reviews

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Best deal in town! Seems very secure and safe. You need a password to access everything. The people are friendly and kind.

Written by: Matthew S. - Corona, CA

Publish on: 2/7/2018

Love this storage. Very big for an affordable price. Reasonable hours. Very clean well maintain, organized employees.

Written by: Geovanny E. - Santa Ana, CA

Publish on: 2/3/2018

I love this facility. I am at ease and comfort by the fact that it is very secure and safe. It is very clean. The customer service is extremely friendly. The prices are reasonable. I would definitely recommend to anyone who needs a storage facility.

Written by: Alene M. - Anaheim, CA

Publish on: 12/1/2017

Shopped around all morning, they have the best prices! Very clean facility and friendly staff. They have competitive prices plus offer 1 month of free rent. Units includes use push carts. Moving our stuff in today!

Written by: Michelle E. - Anaheim, CA

Publish on: 11/15/2017

Great customer service. The facility is nice. Affordable pricing. I am happy doing business here!

Written by: Kymberly T. - Long Beach, CA

Publish on: 11/19/2017

Very helpful and friendly staff. Never have any issues. Jared is a sweet guy! Insurance takes care of any issues. Very clean establishment. Best bathroom.

Written by: Stephanie M. - Orange, CA

Publish on: 11/9/2017

Very friendly and professional. Even called me when I goofed and lock my unit the wrong way

Written by: Tom J. - Costa Mesa, CA

Publish on: 10/17/2017

No complaints on how well kept and clean the place is. Downside is that rent has gone up a few times already since I've had my unit. Will have to most likely find a new storage place if rent continues to keep going up to something more affordable.

Written by: Deanna C. - Garden Grove, CA

Publish on: 10/23/2017 Updated review

You should probably train your staff on the specials YOUR website advertises. A lesson in phone etiquette might also make for better phone conversation and may even increase your sales.

Written by: Katrina R. - Merced, CA

Publish on: 7/25/2017

They have excellent customer service! Facility is well-kept and pricing on the storage units is hard to beat.

Written by: Allie M. - Anaheim, CA

Publish on: 9/29/2017

Since I often move worldwide, whenever I move back to CA, I look for a storage unit which is easily accessible and secure. I searched on the web and found Santa Storage. I did use their coupon for 1/2 off rent for the startup and it was honored. I've been renting with Santa Storage for two years now. Barbara Broderick and her staff are top notch professionals. I cannot sing their praises enough. They are an efficient staff. The facility is very clean, and they work hard to do so. I am on my third unit there, having downsized several times, and been accommodated each time. Sometimes this meant that I had to wait a month for a unit to open up, and I was informed of the availability. Professionally managed. One has to input a code into the lock box to access the main gate, naturally, and also to access upper floors for the elevator. This is reassuring that if someone does not have an upper unit, then people cannot go to areas where they do not have access to. This makes sense to me. I have spent a lot of time packing and unpacking in my two years here. I have seen people leave trash outside their unit, and all kinds of trash, including human wastes. People, a storage unit is not your toilet. How disgusting can people be?   Their janitorial staff is awesome even though they have to put up with people treating the place like it's a bathroom or dumping site. I have also been in the office when people come in and take out their anger on the staff members, and then, dump more of their own personal lack of organization on Barbara, the manager.  I really don't think it is Santa Storage's staff's fault that: A customer arrives 5 minutes before closing and wants to rent a storage unit. The paperwork takes a good 20 minutes to fill out. This includes a walk to the unit to make sure that  the customer wants to rent the size, a walk around the facility to explain the procedures, choosing your gate code and signing the necessary paperwork. The staff is professional to each and every customer. They keep their cool when people lose patience with them about personal business that has nothing to do with renting a storage unit. The janitorial staff is outside sweeping, organizing, and maintaining the property in over 80 degree heat or on cold winter days. How do I know? As a teacher, my vacations line up with those times of the year, and I see what they have to deal with. My response to those whom have given negative reviews about Santa Storage would be: 1) please plan accordingly. allow for the fact that other people might also be at the storage unit when you are there, and also want to use a cart. 2) allow for the fact that you might need a bathroom break and will have to drive off the property to do so. Take out of your storage unit what you need to work on in sections, and not the whole thing. 3) Bring a trash bag and haul out your own trash to put in your own trash can. 4) Be considerate of others trying to get into the storage unit that you blocked with all of your stuff. Santa Storage is run by a professional, courteous staff, and you will not find better. The prices are reasonable and affordable. Call ahead to find out about availability.

Written by: Mary E. - Houston, TX

Publish on: 12/26/2015

rented a truck from here yesterday and the gas wasnt full when i got the truck. brought the truck back today and was getting charge for it.

Written by: Jay J. - Hyde Park, NY

Publish on: 5/18/2017

Staff was friendly and helpful. Facility was reasonably priced, clean, and accessible. They do let you borrow push carts, which is great. They also have discounts for first time customers (including discounts on moving supplies). I have been very pleased with Santa Storage.

Written by: Tim M. - Irvine, CA

Publish on: 5/11/2015

I can't heap enough praise on Manager Barbara Broderick and her professional staff.  They are efficient,  thorough, helpful and above all kind.  I have been doing business there since I sold my 4 bedroom two years ago.  I have had three different units there depending on my needs, and there was alway just the right size and location for my needs each time. I have participated in their free yard sale and met so many nice, courteous tenants, and am comforted that many community organizations, including Garden Grove Police Department also keeps storage units there. Clean, well lit, they also offer business services,  and as someone always on the move, I now can call their address and post office box services home.

Written by: gina m. - Garden Grove, CA

Publish on: 5/11/2015

Santa storage is very reasonable and clean and the people working there are very friendly. They have free push carts as long as you leave your ID until you return it. I like how they show me the tour when I first started. They install the radio system, so you do not feel bored when you are in the storage by yourself! They are the cheapest storage because they are always giving out discounts. Thank you Barbara for your kindness.

Written by: Frankie L. - Westminster, CA

Publish on: 5/11/2015

I am a t raveling consultant and I use several different storage units around the country.   When I am in SoCal i exclusively use this one because they have great service, easy access and EXCELLENT security.   What else do you need?

Written by: Bill H. - Seal Beach, CA

Publish on: 5/8/2015

I got a great deal here.  The facility is clean, they have free push carts as long as you leave your ID until you return it.  In all of my interactions with the staff they have been pretty friendly.  My equipment which I don't have room for in my apartment is kept here, but it is perfectly secure here.

Written by: Peter C. - Pasadena, CA

Publish on: 5/8/2015

I was very impressed with the folks that work here. very helpful & friendly. I also appreciate the cleanliness & the fact that they have good security.  I like that they email updates & payment reminders as well as auction notices. I would recommend this above all other storage facility..

Written by: Lisa R. - Stanton, CA

Publish on: 5/10/2015

The whole staff go out of their way to help and make the storage process easy and painless. I found Santa Storage on Yelp when I became homeless. I have been able to rent a U Haul truck from them on several occasions. Even though U Haul is maintained as a separate company, Santa Storage was able to help me extend the time I had the truck when I had to move. I recommend Santa Storage. They came threw and helped me with several issues I was dealing with when my so called friends just disappeared.

Written by: Lynn L. - Hicksville, NY

Publish on: 3/19/2015

I was pleasantly surprised with the customer service and cleanliness of the storage facility.  I also like the push carts they have available and felt the facility is very secure. Debra Bauer

Written by: Debra B. - Santa Monica, CA

Publish on: 5/9/2015