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11284 Westminster Ave
Garden Grove, CA 92843, USA

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Our Reviews

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I have needed many self storage units over the past 30+ years-for both personal  and  business requirements.  All prior facilities tended to be over priced and under staffed. Not so at Santa Ana Self Storage. The facility is clean, the staff is helpful and friendly and the rates are reasonable and competitive. To cap it off, you couldn't ask for a more convenient location in Central Orange County. A box with a door is not just a box with a door! A client Dr Dennis Gumm

Written by: Bones B. - Long Beach, CA

Publish on: 2/28/2019

The storage location, space and staff are professional, and courteous. However, the reason for the 2 stars is that the price I was quoted was different from the one I signed. On their site, it showed 73, and with the 50% off, it would be ~ 36.50. However, the total came out to 78 full and with the offer, it would be 39. If it wasn't for that, it would get a better rating. Furthermore, leaving a review for the $10 credit cannot stacked with other offers. (e.g. new customers with a %50 off offer.) If management can address these issues, it would improve the customer experience.

Written by: Noe A. - Garden Grove, CA

Publish on: 2/28/2019

We are very happy with the great deal that we found online. Around $60 for a 5 x 10 storage unit for the first 3 months. The units and hallways look very clean and it also has easy to access doors and elevators. Also the manager was very friendly and helpful! Thank you so much for helping us!

Written by: Andrea B. - San Diego, CA

Publish on: 1/12/2019

Chose this storage since its located conveniently close to my place. Clean facilities and have never really had any issues. Just hoping that rent stops going up. I have the smallest unit you could have and am paying $100....

Written by: Deanna C. - Garden Grove, CA

Publish on: 12/23/2018 Updated review

Do not use the units here. Because of the rain over the past month month there was leakage in the unit. They called me to check my unit after three weeks of leaked water had damaged my belongings. I had pictures of my grandparents that were taken in the 50's that can't be repaired. DO NOT TRUST THIS PLACE WITH YOUR BELONGINGS.

Written by: Sage A. - Newport Beach, CA

Publish on: 2/16/2019

I needed a storage to moves some of my inventory into and I chose this one. Really close to the local post office, which is great for me and the price is good when you compare it local storage unit prices. easy check in and I like the hours that they are open.

Written by: Jason B. - Garden Grove, CA

Publish on: 12/24/2018

Awesome storage units ans really easy to get to. Very friendly employees and easy going. I would highly recomend this storage place.

Written by: Richart B. - Anaheim, CA

Publish on: 10/6/2018

I needed a storage quickly to move out of my apartment and I chose this one for being close to the freeway. Good prices, easy check in and I like the hours that they are open. The man at the front was very nice and helpful and the storage was easy to get to.

Written by: Amanda R. - Huntington Beach, CA

Publish on: 7/31/2018

Great customer service. Well-lit storage facility.  Plenty of cameras for peace of mind. Gated access and well kept.

Written by: Jay P. - Orange County, CA

Publish on: 6/29/2018

I was so happy when I found this place of business! The people there were so friendly and helpful... Anytime I had an issue they resolved it immediately. They always have Smiles on their faces and are eager to help you in any way possible. The prices are reasonable and they work with you if there is an issue. I would recommend Santa storage for anyone looking for somewhere to store your valuables they are secure and clean! All you need to do is communicate with them if you are having an issue and they will work with you. I've been there over 6 months now and and very happy to be their customer.

Written by: Susan T. - San Jacinto, CA

Publish on: 6/5/2018

Very clean facility! User friendly office that had clean units ready for rent out. Parking is always available so I had no issues moving my stuff in. They even have carts for you to use during office hours. Very good experience.

Written by: Nicole J. - Garden Grove, CA

Publish on: 3/31/2018

I love this facility. I am at ease and comfort by the fact that it is very secure and safe. It is very clean. The customer service is extremely friendly. The prices are reasonable. I would definitely recommend to anyone who needs a storage facility.

Written by: Alene M. - Anaheim, CA

Publish on: 12/1/2017

THIS IS THE PLACE TO GO! I needed a storage room very last minute and I came here and received an awesome deal and the guys working here are amazing and helped me with absolutely everything and answered every question I had .I came in with probably 30 minutes till the office closed and was helped and in a storage unit very quick. I definitely would recommend this place to friends and family in need of something quick, and affordable !

Written by: Cecelia R. - Riverside, CA

Publish on: 2/20/2018

Great staff especial Jarred and Kevin. I feel Save there when I'm alone. I've been coming here for 3 years love the montering system. Thanks guys

Written by: Carole F. - Anaheim, CA

Publish on: 6/25/2018

Very friendly and professional. Even called me when I goofed and lock my unit the wrong way

Written by: Tom J. - Costa Mesa, CA

Publish on: 10/17/2017

This place has really good customer service, friendly,clean, helpful. Haven't had one problem since I've had my storage here. Thank you!!!

Written by: Ilene M. - Santa Ana, CA

Publish on: 3/14/2018

You should probably train your staff on the specials YOUR website advertises. A lesson in phone etiquette might also make for better phone conversation and may even increase your sales.

Written by: Katrina R. - Merced, CA

Publish on: 7/25/2017

Since I often move worldwide, whenever I move back to CA, I look for a storage unit which is easily accessible and secure. I searched on the web and found Santa Storage. I did use their coupon for 1/2 off rent for the startup and it was honored. I've been renting with Santa Storage for two years now. Barbara Broderick and her staff are top notch professionals. I cannot sing their praises enough. They are an efficient staff. The facility is very clean, and they work hard to do so. I am on my third unit there, having downsized several times, and been accommodated each time. Sometimes this meant that I had to wait a month for a unit to open up, and I was informed of the availability. Professionally managed. One has to input a code into the lock box to access the main gate, naturally, and also to access upper floors for the elevator. This is reassuring that if someone does not have an upper unit, then people cannot go to areas where they do not have access to. This makes sense to me. I have spent a lot of time packing and unpacking in my two years here. I have seen people leave trash outside their unit, and all kinds of trash, including human wastes. People, a storage unit is not your toilet. How disgusting can people be?   Their janitorial staff is awesome even though they have to put up with people treating the place like it's a bathroom or dumping site. I have also been in the office when people come in and take out their anger on the staff members, and then, dump more of their own personal lack of organization on Barbara, the manager.  I really don't think it is Santa Storage's staff's fault that: A customer arrives 5 minutes before closing and wants to rent a storage unit. The paperwork takes a good 20 minutes to fill out. This includes a walk to the unit to make sure that  the customer wants to rent the size, a walk around the facility to explain the procedures, choosing your gate code and signing the necessary paperwork. The staff is professional to each and every customer. They keep their cool when people lose patience with them about personal business that has nothing to do with renting a storage unit. The janitorial staff is outside sweeping, organizing, and maintaining the property in over 80 degree heat or on cold winter days. How do I know? As a teacher, my vacations line up with those times of the year, and I see what they have to deal with. My response to those whom have given negative reviews about Santa Storage would be: 1) please plan accordingly. allow for the fact that other people might also be at the storage unit when you are there, and also want to use a cart. 2) allow for the fact that you might need a bathroom break and will have to drive off the property to do so. Take out of your storage unit what you need to work on in sections, and not the whole thing. 3) Bring a trash bag and haul out your own trash to put in your own trash can. 4) Be considerate of others trying to get into the storage unit that you blocked with all of your stuff. Santa Storage is run by a professional, courteous staff, and you will not find better. The prices are reasonable and affordable. Call ahead to find out about availability.

Written by: Mary E. - Houston, TX

Publish on: 12/26/2015

rented a truck from here yesterday and the gas wasnt full when i got the truck. brought the truck back today and was getting charge for it.

Written by: Jay J. - Hyde Park, NY

Publish on: 5/18/2017

I was initially amazed at how large and we'll kept the property was because the service I received was so individual and personal that I thought it had to be smaller property in orfer for them to give me so much attention.  I got the right size unit I needed and at a price that was excellent and within my tight budget. I would recommend highly to anyone who needs to store things they care about.

Written by: Lorrie D. - Mesa, AZ

Publish on: 5/8/2015